“As a preacher, teacher, and writer, I am always looking for resources that put flesh and bones on the timeless wisdom of the Word of God. The Message does that and more. Sometimes lyrical and sometimes leaving a smile on the face, this paraphrase of the Bible into contemporary English will give you cause to pause, ponder, and pray.”
— -Fr. Albert Haase, OFM, co-host, "Spirit and Life" on Relevant Radio
“I doubt there is any biblical translation in the contemporary English language as readable, scholarly, and truly helpful as The Message. What an amazing prayer resource for preachers, teachers, students, seekers, and believers! Read and be inspired!”
— Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM, author, Falling Upward and Immortal Diamond
“The Message is so startlingly new, it often makes me laugh out loud and nod my head with its frank and practical approach. I think the prophet Jeremiah would say: “That’s what I meant!” And I feel sure Saint Paul talked just like this.”
— Alice Camille, Award-Winning Columnist on the Scriptures, U.S. Catholic Magazine
“Reading The Message is like walking into a familiar room where the furniture has been creatively arranged and the walls newly painted. The structure of the room is the same, but the ambiance is refreshing and inviting. Eugene Peterson’s and William Griffin’s relevant translations of the complete books of the Bible provide a welcoming link from the text’s ordinary language to the heart of the reader’s everyday life.”
— Joyce Rupp, author, Fragments of Your Ancient Name

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The Publisher, Gregory Pierce, answers a few questions about The Message on CatholicBibleBlog.com.